The Academic Senate is the highest academic body of the University. It directs the academic work of GMIT in both teaching and research. It protects academic freedom and good academic practice.

The core responsibilities of the Academic Senate are as follows: to develop rules and policies related to academic matters, and review their implementation, to approve new and make amendments to existing degree programs in consensus with the Rectorate; to define and approve the entry requirements for students as well as degree requirements, including honorary degrees and to advise the Rectorate on development of academic infrastructure and the planning of the annual global budget.

The Academic Senate of GMIT consists of the Rector, the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs, Deans, all professors and academic staff at post-doctoral level, one elected member representing the group of senior lecturers, lecturers and researchers, the Head of the Department in charge of Admission and Student Affairs, the President of the Student Council, and the Diversity Liaison Officer.

Each member has one equal vote. In case of equality of votes, the Chairman’s vote decides. The Academic Senate is chaired by the Rector.