Board of Governors

The governance pattern of GMIT is innovative in Mongolia. The Board of Governors is the highest decision-making body of GMIT.

It has core responsibilities such as to approve GMIT’s development strategy and policies as well as its long- and medium-term operational planning, to decide on GMIT’s overall organizational structure, to approve GMIT’s annual global budget, to define rules on the establishment, administration and use of GMIT’s Development Fund, to determine the tuition and dormitory fee, to conclude contracts with the Rector and Vice Rectors, monitor the implementation of the contracts, and evaluate the incumbents’ performance on the basis of the contracts and to approve GMIT’s Annual Report.

The Board of Governors consists out of 13 members with one equal voting right and encompass university members as well as non-university members:

  • Four members appointed by the Mongolian Government entity in charge of education
  • Three members appointed by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Three members appointed by the Rectorate
  • Three members appointed by the Academic Senate

The members of the Rectorate are non-voting members of the Board of Governors.