Why you should choose GMIT


1. SCHOLARSHIPS: GMIT offers scholarships for dedicated and successful students. Also DAAD scholarships are available to cover tuition fees. Right now, more than 40% of GMIT students have received scholarship support.
2. STUDY ABROAD: GMIT students have the opportunity to study during summertime in Germany (Freiberg) und China (Shanghai).
3. EMPLOYABILITY: GMIT students meet the expectation of the global economy, due to first-class engineering education standards, and close bonds to domestic and international companies.
4. ENGLISH LANGUAGE: GMIT prepares the students for international industry demand. English is the language of Business and Science. Therefore, English is the main instructor language - German is taught as a second language, if students want to join a study semester at our German Partner Universities.
5. BACHELOR & MASTER’S: GMIT is a Mongolian public university, awarding international Bachelor and Master’s degrees. A Bachelor degree covers 240 credit points, a Master’s degree adds additional 120 credit points. Part of the study programmes are practice-oriented internships at leading corporations.
6. GERMAN, MONGOLIAN & INTERNATIONAL EXPERTS: GMIT Professors and Lecturers are from Germany, United States, Canada, etc.  – the majority of the Mongolian Professors at GMIT obtained their Ph.D abroad, e.g. Germany, United States, China, India.
7. ACCREDITATION & QUALITY STANDARDS: GMIT received the international Pre-Accreditation and established a Quality Management System according ISO 9001:2015 for highest educational levels.
8. SMALL STUDY GROUPS: GMIT provides its study programmes in small classes for effective learning. The current ‘Student to Teacher Ratio’ is less than 5 Students to 1 Teacher.
9. CAMPUS UNIVERSITY: GMIT offers modern dormitories, free Campus Wi-Fi, Student Counselling, free Medical Services (Doctor on Campus), and Campus Canteen with fresh and healthy meals.
10. BARRIER-FREE: GMIT is barrier-free, and is accessible for disabled/handicapped students, parents, and visitors.
11. LABORATORIES: GMIT Laboratories, PC Labs and class rooms are following German standards. Four fully equipped laboratories are available: Environmental Engineering Laboratory, Raw Materials / Processing Laboratory, Physics Laboratory, and Chemical Laboratory.
12. RESEARCH: GMIT’s Applied Research is focusing on environmental aspects: clear air, clean water, and clean soil. GMIT is committed to a Green Campus Approach (CSR strategy).
13. LIBRARY: GMIT’S modern library provides state-of-the-art textbooks in English, German and Mongolian language. Furthermore the latest international science magazines and ebooks are available. The library is equipped with PC Workstations and Copier.
14. RECREATION ACTIVITIES: GMIT offers a fully-equipped Gym and Fitness Center for free usage, as well as eight Student Clubs: Movie Club, Live Music Club, AutoCAD Club, Robo Club, German Speaking Club, Chess Club, Business Club, Yoga Club. Also GMIT students are running an own cafeteria.
15. LOCATION: GMIT Campus is located only a one hour drive from Ulaanbaatar Downtown.