Why you should choose GMIT

Life is precious, and so is the choice of the ideal study subject and the ideal university. Shall you study engineering, business, law, medicine, politics, chemistry or art? This depends on your interests, your enthusiasm, your intention, and on the demand of the economy in Mongolia. According to a 2017 survey by the Ministry of Education, the top 20 most needed professions in Mongolia are related to Engineering, Mining, Renewable Energy, Civil Engineering, IT, Medical Services, and Teaching.

If you choose engineering, Germany is number 1 in the world: high-tech cars, machinery, and technical gadgets show Germany’s outstanding expertise in field of innovative technology.
Since 2013, the German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology (GMIT) - a public university in Nailakh, Ulaanbaatar - provides Mongolian students with a high-profile international study programme focusing on 6 out of these 20 most sought-after professions. With our German engineering experts and the unique Mongolian mindset, GMIT is here to make a difference among all universities and colleges.

The German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology (GMIT) strives to become a leading university of engineering and technology in Mongolia and the Asian region, thus defining the highest standards in education, research and innovation. GMIT aims to transfer international expertise and cutting-edge standards to Mongolia in support of sustainable economic growth as well as to educate highly qualified, socially responsible, internationally recognised and creatively working engineers.
The development of GMIT and its cooperation with German universities is supported by the Mongolian Ministry of Education and Sciences and the Federal Government of Germany. The German contribution to GMIT is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

As a GMIT student you will get many benefits – have a look on 15 great reasons why joining GMIT are waiting for you.

1. SCHOLARSHIPS: GMIT offers scholarships for dedicated and successful students. Also DAAD scholarships are available to cover tuition fees. Right now, more than 40% of GMIT students have received scholarship support.
2. STUDY ABROAD: GMIT students have the opportunity to study during summertime in Germany (Freiberg) und China (Shanghai).
3. EMPLOYABILITY: GMIT students meet the expectation of the global economy, due to first-class engineering education standards, and close bonds to domestic and international companies.
4. ENGLISH LANGUAGE: GMIT prepares the students for international industry demand. English is the language of Business and Science. Therefore, English is the main instructor language - German is taught as a second language, if students want to join a study semester at our German Partner Universities.
5. BACHELOR & MASTER’S: GMIT is a Mongolian public university, awarding international Bachelor and Master’s degrees. A Bachelor degree covers 240 credit points, a Master’s degree adds additional 120 credit points. Part of the study programmes are practice-oriented internships at leading corporations.
6. GERMAN, MONGOLIAN & INTERNATIONAL EXPERTS: GMIT Professors and Lecturers are from Germany, United States, Canada, etc.  – the majority of the Mongolian Professors at GMIT obtained their Ph.D abroad, e.g. Germany, United States, China, India.
7. ACCREDITATION & QUALITY STANDARDS: GMIT received the international Pre-Accreditation and established a Quality Management System according ISO 9001:2015 for highest educational levels.
8. INTERNSHIP: GMIT offers a well-designed internship program for students, which has been jointly developed with its German partner universities. Students should complete two types of internship; basic and professional during their study in order to acquire the skills required by companies. In academic year of 2017-2018, 10 junior students made their professional internships in Germany and France.
9. SMALL STUDY GROUPS: GMIT provides its study programmes in small classes for effective learning. The current ‘Student to Teacher Ratio’ is less than 5 Students to 1 Teacher.
10. CAMPUS UNIVERSITY: GMIT offers modern dormitories, free Campus Wi-Fi, Student Counselling, free Medical Services (Doctor on Campus), and Campus Canteen with fresh and healthy meals. IT is located only a one hour drive from Ulaanbaatar Downtown.
11. BARRIER-FREE: GMIT is barrier-free, and is accessible for disabled/handicapped students, parents, and visitors.
12. LABORATORIES: GMIT Laboratories, PC Labs and class rooms are following German standards. Four fully equipped laboratories are available: Environmental Engineering Laboratory, Raw Materials / Processing Laboratory, Physics Laboratory, and Chemical Laboratory.
13. RESEARCH: GMIT’s Applied Research is focusing on environmental aspects: clear air, clean water, and clean soil. GMIT is committed to a Green Campus Approach (CSR strategy).
14. LIBRARY: GMIT’S modern library provides state-of-the-art textbooks in English, German and Mongolian language. Furthermore the latest international science magazines and ebooks are available. The library is equipped with PC Workstations and Copier.
15. RECREATION ACTIVITIES: GMIT offers a fully-equipped Gym and Fitness Center for free usage, as well as eight Student Clubs: Movie Club, Live Music Club, AutoCAD Club, Robo Club, German Speaking Club, Chess Club, Business Club, Yoga Club. Also GMIT students are running an own cafeteria.