We strive to inform you about our activities and programs as extensive as possible on our website. If you cannot find an answer please submit your question to us and we'll answer you as soon as possible. The answers on the most frequently asked questions are listed below.

General FAQs

GMIT is a state owned university under the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Mongolia, run in cooperation with German institutions and universities.

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When you register for studying at GMIT, you can submit your application for remission of tuition fees as well as for a scholarship. Based on specific criteria, the exemption or the scholarship will be granted initially for a year and renewed every year depending on the student’s performance.

GMIT has a dormitory with a capacity of max. 140 students.


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Students listed in the first 10 percent will receive an extraordinary exemption; students listed in the next 10 percent will receive certain exemption. Additionally, those students who are eligible for exemptions from tuition fees according to the Mongolian laws and regulations because of their social status, will be released from tuition fees.

English is required. The score of the English test within GMIT's Entrance Exam is important. German is not required.

Yes, if you have studied technical sciences for at least 2 semesters with outstanding performance, and successfully completed both the study ability test TestAS and the final exams of GMIT's Basic Engineering Program.