Welcome to the German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology ! As Rector of GMIT, I am delighted to welcome you to one of the fastest developing and inspirational places of knowledge and intellectual wealth.

Not so long ago, the governments of two countries established GMIT to transfer the German engineering and technical know-how to Mongolia. GMIT is a public university committed to providing high quality education, research and social service to our students and partners, alike.

As you explore our website, you will learn about the study programmes, internships, students and a great many opportunities available to them.  Also, you will find that GMIT faculty and students are motivated by real-life problems and the research spirit is guided by interdisciplinary applied approach.

GMIT is a dynamic Campus University where students learn, analyse, create, and experience the excitement to transform the world as we know it.  At GMIT, we envision the future where industries, from extraction of minerals to manufacturing of goods to logistics, are guided by advancement of technologies such as autonomous systems and big data mining. Consequently, we train our graduates to be not only highly qualified engineers, but also successful leaders of tomorrow.

We are an international University strengthened by our intercultural character and diversity. Because, in today’s world, there are not many isolated challenges. climate change, pollution, and poverty just to name a few. We recognise that and our faculty members and students, together with international colleagues, aspire to integrate/balance the different facets of development to ensure the sustainable development in local and as well as global context.

Finally, I would like to emphasise that it is the people who make GMIT great, and that is why we call ourselves “GMIT Family”.  So, whether you are a prospective student, current student, job seeker, professor, parent, engineer, visitor, or a business person, you are invited to join “GMIT Family” in building the future.

Most sincerely,

Dorjderem Nyamjav, Ph.D.                                  Battsengel Baatar, Ph.D.
Rector GMIT                                                          Vice-Rector GMIT