Compulsary Courses

With Compulsory English courses, you will find 3 levels of English and you will be placed into the level which is best suited to your English level: B2 (Intermediate), Upper Intermediate (B2+) and Advanced (C1). Our intensive English language courses are aimed at helping students progress from B2 to C1 level so that students can pursue their academic studies at GMIT in English.


The INTERMEDIATE English course is intended for students with an intermediate level of English. When they finish this level they will be able to understand the key points of complex text by themselves and they will be capable of improvising a speech. They will also learn to express themselves correctly in all forms of the past, future and present tenses and will study the use of adverbs, prepositions, conditionals articles, gerunds/ infinitives, relative clauses and passive forms in more detail.


The UPPER INTERMEDIATE English course is intended for students with a higher level of English. Students will be able to understand structured and coherent texts and communicate fluently in English. Students will also learn how to use impersonal expressions, how to use the gerund in its various forms, the different types of action verbs, modals and conditionals in English. Students will also learn more detailed usage of adverbs, adjectives and pronouns which are essential for the study of an advanced level of English.


Upon finishing this course, we aim for students to have an excellent command of the language and be able to tackle the difficult tasks. Students will study how to use the future tense in different complex forms, relative pronouns, the passive voice, the conditional, indirect speech, wish/if only regrets and complex phrasal verbs in English.

Technical English

The Technical English course is designed to help students develop the technical English language skills required for undergraduate study at GMIT. Students will acquire key vocabulary used in academic and technical English. The course supports students in their development of the skills that will enable them to get the most out of lectures and written texts.  Students will learn the skills required to take part in seminars, tutorials and to produce essay assignments. The units provide topics including selected areas of engineering and the natural sciences such as properties of materials, energy and power generation, forces, tools, environmental issues and mining.