Student Council

GMIT Student Council was officially founded in 2016. Currently, GMIT Student Council is running with 5 members. The main purpose of the Student Council (SC) is to protect students’ rights and to support students to become future leaders who are persistent, responsible and role model of the students.


1. President // Nomuun.B (Bachelor 3)

●        Leading all meetings
●        Giving assistance and guidance
●        Keeping frequent contact with faculty and administrators
●        Doing all kinds of planning with advisors


2. Treasurer // Galsanjamts.O (Bachelor 2)

●        Overseeing council expenses and revenues
●        Maintaining an accurate and detailed financial records
●        Giving monetary advice to the council
●        Authorizing payment/deposits
●        Working with SC President and Vice President for preparing calendar and budget


3. Vice President // Chinbayar.M (Bachelor 4)

●        Working closely with SC President
●        Carrying out SC President’s duties when needed
●        Working with SC President and Treasurer in preparing calendar and budget
●        Assisting SC President for preparing meeting agendas


4. Administrator // Bat-Ochir.B (Bachelor 1)

●        Keeping student body informed of events, fundraisers and service projects
●        Obtaining approval for events
●        Taking responsible for communication between schools
●         Responding and writing SC emails


5. Secretary // Baigalmaa.B (BEP)

●        Keeping minutes of every meeting
●        Checking attendance of every meeting
●        Organizing student council files
●        Keeping contact information of SC members