How to Apply

Some requirements are needed to join the Bachelor programme at GMIT:

Firstly, you have to pass the GMIT Entrance Examination. The test consists of two parts: an examination in Natural Sciences (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry – 150 min.) and an English Language Exam (180 min.). Passing scores are 60/100 and C1/B2 in English. Both exams take place on one day, which will be on Saturday, 19. May 2018.

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Secondly, you have to have completed your secondary education.

Thirdly, You must have passed at least two of the Mongolian General Entrance Examinations (score 500 or above) in Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry as well as the Mongolian General Entrance Examination in English.

Fourthly, due to our international approach, an English language proficiency of C1 (advanced) level or B2 (confident) level is required for admission.

If you score 40-59% in the Mathematics and Natural Science exam and if you achieve an English language proficiency of minimum B1 (intermediate), then you may be eligible for admission to the Basic Engineering Programme (BEP), a 10-month foundation study course which will help you to improve your science and English skills. The BEP leads you directly into the B.Sc. programmes.


Applications will be processed as (1) registration and participation in the GMIT Entrance Exam, (2) letter of admission from GMIT and completion of the application process, (3) signing the student contract, (4) paying tuition fees and - if required - accommodation on campus, and (5) enrollment at GMIT.

Admission processes:

 1. Registration and participation in the GMIT Entrance Exam
  • Applicants register online at the GMIT website for the GMIT Entrance Examination.
  • The date of the Entrance Examination and the registration period are included in the Academic Calendar of GMIT.
  • Applicants certify that the information provided is true and correct. Any false information may result in the invalidation of the registration for the Entrance Examination.
  • An examination fee (MNT 10,000) is due upon registration for the examination. The applicant has to provide proof of payment to be allowed to participate in the Entrance Examination.
2. Letter of admission from GMIT and completion of the application process
  • Applicants will be informed about the results of the Entrance Examination within two weeks.
  • Successful Entrance Exam participants will receive a letter of conditional admission to GMIT.
3. Signing of the Student Contract
For this final step of the admission procedure, applicants will sign the Student Contract. When signing the contract, applicants are asked to bring the original certificates of their Mongolian General Entrance Examination scores and the originals of all other application documents.
4. Tuition Fee
        B.Sc. degree programme: MNT 108,000 per credit point
        Accommodation on Campus (shared 4-bed room): MNT 520,000 per year
5. Enrollment at GMIT
Enrollment at GMIT will take place during the Orientation Week, which is the week before the beginning of the lecture period of the fall semester. Students will receive their student ID cards and further information about studying at GMIT in general and about their first semester in particular. For all future GMIT students, participation in the Orientation Week is mandatory.