Internship will be successful if students follow the GMIT Internship Regulation developed by , RWTH Aachen university and the TU Bergakademie Freiberg after reviewing German University Internship Program and conditions in Mongolia, and work initiatively, effectively and actively during their internship following tasks developed by GMIT and introduced to the Partner Companies.

Having 14 week internship students do many tasks which give more professional skills following task list developed by GMIT and instructions of industrial supervisors. Also during this internship students have a chance to introduce themselves well, to find topics of their thesis and thesis supervisor, and to get offer of future job from companies.  

GMIT students need to complete a 6 week basic internship during first four semesters and 14 weeks professional internship after the sixth semester as regulation. So far two generations of our students have done one or two internships. Since April 2017, our 3rd year students have being done professional internship which is part of their Bachelor Curriculum and sophomore students are going to start their 4 weeks basic internship on mid-June. Another 2 weeks of basic internship is done by student of Basic engineering program. 

The concepts of internship supervision is not very developed in Mongolia; company employees are not trained in this regard if we watch other Mongolian Universities Internship. Therefore, GMIT’s internship concepts is  jointly developed with partner companies. GMIT supports the capacity development of the partner companies offering professional training, e.g. for internship supervisors. 

In 2016, GMIT’s 13 Bachelor 3rd year students took their 14 weeks professional internship at different companies: four of them in Oyu Tolgoi, four of them in Energy Resources, one in Loro Piana Mongol, one in Wagner Asia, one in MAK and one in Transwest Company.