Examinations normally take place in the examination period that immediately follows the teaching of the module. Retake examinations are offered during the examination period at the end of the semester and in the beginning of the fall semester. 

Module Examination 

(1) A module examination is the final examination of a module. A student can only be admitted to a module examination if he/she attends at least 80% of all contact hours of the module.

(2) The final grade awarded for the module consists of the grades awarded for the academic performance during the semester and for the module examination. 

(3) As a rule, the academic performance during the module accounts for 30% of the final grade, the module examination accounts for 70% of the final grade for the module. In exceptional cases, e.g. in laboratory modules, the semester performance may account for 100% of the final grade. 

(4) If a module, whose semester performance accounts for 100%, is not successfully completed with a percentage grade of min. 60% or a “pass”, the module needs to be repeated, unless stated differently in the module description. The Engineering Summer School elective module is an exception to this rule; this module cannot be repeated. 

Examination Admission Requirements 

(1) The admission to a module examination is only possible if the student: 

  • is enrolled at GMIT, 
  • attended at least 80% of the contact hours of the module, 
  • has not yet failed all possible retakes at GMIT or any comparable examination at another university. 

(2) If the student does not meet the attendance requirement of 80%, the first mandatory exam is declared “a failure”. The student needs to repeat the module including the performance requirement. The attendance requirement is waived. 

(3) If the student fails three or more mandatory modules concurrently for insufficient attendance, the student must repeat these three or more modules at the earliest semester the University offers these modules without attending his/her other program modules. However, if the student must repeat these three or more modules concurrently, the performance and attendance requirements of the module descriptions apply. 

(4) To participate in the first retake examination the student needs to register with the Department of Academic and Student Affairs. For admission to the second retake examination the student must apply in writing to the Department of Academic and Student Affairs and can only register if his application was approved.