Research Profile

GMIT is committed to conduct cutting-edge research in applied sciences and technology, in order to create innovative technologies motivated by the needs of industry and society for the benefit of the Mongolian economic and social development.

We are strengthening our research activities on international level by using applied research initiatives through individual efforts and collaborative partnerships with industry as well as academia.

GMIT is focusing on three research areas:

Processing of Minerals and Natural Resources:

  • Industry 4.0: automation and robotics, decentral networks, learning factory
  • Durability of machinery under extreme climatic conditions
  • Lean mining and process integration
  • Innovative coating and laser technologies
  • Modeling and simulation for sustainable development of technologies


Renewable and Alternative Energy and Efficiency

  • Renewable energy production, storage and distribution
  • Energy efficient materials
  • Synthetic fuel, gasification processes
  • Recycling of operating materials
  • Rehabilitation of mine sites


Innovative Production and Manufacturing Processes

  • Biomining and geobiological technologies, bioleaching
  • Processing of critical minerals and rare earth elements
  • Electrochemical ore processing
  • Processing of food and husbandry products
  • Waste recycling, decontamination of soil, water treatment