Research projects

Faculty of Engineering

The faculty is constantly building up her research strenght in different areas. The core fields of research interest are: Environmental Engineering (including waste recycling; reduction of air pollution; decontamination of soil; water treatment), Mineral Processing (including biomining and geobiological technologies; bioleaching; processing of critical minerals and rare earth elements, lithium, and precious metals; electrochemical ore processing; impact reduction of the environment), Mining (including exploration technologies; Lean Mining and process integration; rehabilitation of mine sites), Production Development (including processing of food and husbandry products; environmental friendly processes for wool, Kashmir and leather production), Energy (including synthetic fuel; gasification processes; renewable energy; energy efficiency; energy storage and distribution), Mechanical Engineering (including automation and robotics; durability of machinery under extreme climatic conditions for chemical, heavy industry, mineral processing and mining; recycling of operating materials), and Material Science (including energy efficient materials; nano- and biomaterials; coatings and coating technologies using laser and thermal energy sources).