Process Engineering Project

Establishment of Baseline of PM2.5 pollution of Nalaikh City

The purpose of the project is to measure PM2.5 pollution round years, in order to establish baseline PM2.5 pollution, to plan mitigation measures together with the city government.

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Faculty of Engineering

Industry Partner:

Nalaikh city government

Scientific Partner:

1. Ulaanbaatar city government 2. National Agency Meteorology and Environmental Monitoring 3. NUM 4.

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Nalaikh city has a population of 35.000 inhabitants; 25.000 among them are living in the ger area heating houses and gers using raw coal. Nalaikh city has Heat Only Boiler for the heating of apartments and several factories mainly, 3 bricks factories, a Cement factory, and Lead melting factory. Also, there are more than 100 micro-mining groups for coal. Central streets of the city can be polluted by vehicles. Ulaanbaatar city pollution is transported to the Nalaikh city. These are main pollution sources and PM2.5 pollution is obviously high.

Within the project, PM2.5 pollution is measured. The Measurement is carried out every 5 minutes for 24 hours, twice a week. Furthermore, the pollution of Ulaanbaatar city, which is transported to Nalaikh city, will be evaluated.

This poject is realized in cooperation with: Ulaanbaatar City Government, National Agency Meteorology and Environmental Monitoring, National University of Mongolia, University of Wuppertal, Nalaikh City Government