Mechanic Engineering Project

Thermal coatings for tribologically highly loaded machine parts

Investigation of high-performance laser coatings for the application for wear parts in the copper ore processing

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Faculty of Engineering

Industry Partner:

Erdenet Mining Corporation

Scientific Partner:

1. Technology School at Erdenet Mining Company, Erdenet, Mongolia 2. IWS Fraunhofer-Institute for Ma

Funded by:

Mongolian Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports


During cupper-ore processing the highly loaded machine parts in slurry pumps provide an extremely short working time. The analysis of this tribological system shows a complex contribution of abrasive wear, surface distress, and corrosion. In this project, we research the applicability of high-performance laser generated surfaces coatings using advanced composite materials.


In Erdenet Mining Company of Mongolia, slurry pumps named GRAT – 1400 used to move and lift a mixture of copper ore and water. The pump sucks the mixture from a tank with the flow rate of 1400 m3/h and lifts it to a tank located up to 30 meters of height.

Main parts of a pump are the impeller, volute casing, and cover plate. They are weighing 350 to 800 kg and made from wear resistant high chromium white iron containing 2.7-3.0 wt-% carbon, 28-30 wt-% chromium, and 2 wt-% nickel. We estimated that working time of a pump is very low. It lies between 212 and 248 hours. During one year, more than 300 pumps are taken out to rebuild in repair plant. Most of them failed due to wear of main elements, especially of the impeller.


  • Development of coating technology and tribological investigation of coated pump parts in the real copper ore transportation process
  • Check the availability and the capability of high wear resistant coatings using high-performance laser cladding for slurry pumps used in the Erdenet copper mine
  • Increasing the wear resistance of the machine parts
  • Using and transferring German coating know-how and expertise in coating design and coating technologies
  • Economic analysis to effectively identify the true system component costs and savings


We will measure the wear resistance of the coated machine parts in comparison to the uncoated versions of the same parts. We expect 3 times higher wear resistance of the coated versions. It will lead to 3 times longer usability of the slurry pumps. In order to this, the pump replacements will be decreased from 300 to 100 replacements per year. Additionally, it will lead to 3 times longer constancy of the pump capacity as well as the electrical energy consumption.