Scientific Project

Study on the Enrichment technology of difficult-to-enrich tungsten – molybdenum greisen ores and the feasibility of the industrial application

The goal of this project is to introduce an efficient, feasible method for processing of molybdenum, tungsten ore. The enriching efficiency of the electrolyte floatation will be improved and compared with standard flotation methods.

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Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences

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Asian Development Bank


In frame of this project we are trying to determine the feasible way to enrich the difficult to enrich minerals by using electro-floatation techniques. For this reason we study the physical and chemical properties of the ore sample and the sample preparation and experimental condition, the influence of the electrolyte solution on the floatation of the Mo and W.


In recent years mineral resources have been decreased and geology condition of exploration have been became more difficult. Same time raw material usage and demand have been increased. Our country’s the most important economy sector  is mining and number of special license on the mineral resources survey was decreasing  four times against  2008. (7.9% percentage of total). It is one of the negatively influencing factors to the economy of the country. It is necessary to have advanced technology as to use surveyed deposits in the way of environmental friendly and economically benefited. It is important for the economy to develop new technique on the enrichment of minerals which is difficult to enrich and introduce it to the industry. On the other hand German Mongolian Institute for resources and technology has sufficient man power and facility to carry out this kind or research and development.


To create data base on chosen sample analysis results and difficult to enrich ore enrichment new technology methods. To improve the benefit of electrolyte floatation method and make analysis to compare with other methods. The result of the project will be published in international scientific journal and it will be discussed in the same sector scientific conferences and seminars. This method will be taught to the students and researchers.