Chemical Laboratory

The state-of-the-art laboratory instruments were installed to carry out laboratory analysis and research work.

The chemical laboratory at GMIT was established in August, 2014, supported basically by Mongolian Government to confirm students theoretical knowledge while doing interesting experiments, to develop their skill on data analysis, as well as, to work in the laboratory with safety. Currently the laboratory is used for the following modules:  

  • General Chemistry
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Environmental engineering modules

laboratory Equipment

An comprehensive part of the lab equipment was provided by PHYWE Company in German. Amongst other, following equipment is available:

  • Calorimeter – Isoperibol calorimeter 6200  
  • Sulfur analyzer – CS996 Infrared Carbon Sulfur Analyzer
  • UV vis spectrophotometer AE-S90 series
  • Potentiostat – Edaq Potentiostat 466
  • Refractometer
  • Furnace – Mihm Vogn Laboratory Furnace KM1