TEDxGMIT was One day with the best presentations for expanding mentality

GMIT campus (Nalaikh district), 17.03.2019 TEDxGMIT event was held successfully in March 17, 2019 at German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology. It was organized by GMIT’s 3rd year Industrial Engineering students with help of 13 volunteer students of GMIT.

     The event consisted of 9 speeches from variety of fields including technology, anthropology, art, literature and environment. The main theme was "Mosaic". Mosaic is an ancient form of art practiced as early as 3000 BC in Mesopotamia. By combining small stones of various colors into a single piece of art, people were able to convey a poignant message.

     This concept of combining different and little pieces to create something bigger fits the goal of reaching the audience through the use of different ideas.

     One of the unique traits of this event was the fact that the event did not produce any waste (ZERO WASTE EVENT). The attendees went home with sustainable and reusable gifts i.e eco bag, reusable cup etc.