Alpha Team of GMIT were awarded first place of Who knows Chemistry science best?

16.03.2019 National competition “Who knows Chemistry science best?” was held from Mongolian National University, Science School for the second time and continued for over two months until on 16th of March, 2019.

     This competition run between five groups; one from German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology, one from New Mongol Institute of Technology New Mongol Kosen and two from Mongolian National University.

     “Alpha”, a group represented GMIT that consisted from 6 members including 4th course students B.Nomuun and О.Jargalmaa, 3rd course student О.Ulziikhuu, 2nd course students М.Munkhbat and B.Bat-Ochir, 1st course student М.Mendsaikhan successfully attended and they were awarded the first place of the competition.

     The competition had two main parts “The Homework” and “Greetings and Case study”. “Alpha” members made an “ECO BATTERY” for “The Homework”. All 6 members of GMIT team consisted from engineering students which gave as numerous advantages such as: economical evaluation, eco-friendly packaging, engineering design, easy use for customers, future development strategy and so on.