The Open Day 2019 of German-Mongolian Institute for Resource and Technology took place at GMIT campus

GMIT campus (Nalaikh district), 16.03.2019 The GMIT has a tradition of organizing professional and technical education for senior high school students and students on a regular basis in spring and autumn of every year.

     There are more than ten highly popular professions in Mongolia, including engineering. The GMIT is implementing German academic programs in English. Students also have the opportunity to use their knowledge gained through training in practice in the field, get paid, study in German universities and many other.

     Therefore, at the time of the Open Day event, it is possible to provide more information to senior high school students, especially those who are interested in natural sciences and provide them with a comprehensive set of tests for English language proficiency tests

      There were over 350 students, who were from Ireedui complex school, Goethe, Deutsche Shule, New Era and the One, the Third, the 38th, the 14 th, the 18th schools, attended the Open day event. In addition, there were guest from rural areas such as Dundgovi provimce, Umnugovi province, Bulgan province and Arkhangai province.
     Lecturers, professors, laboratory assistants and students of GMIT introduced about the training programs, advantages, career choices and gave information all of the GMIT. Participators of The Open Day 2018 got more information about GMIT including classes, laboratories, library, fitness room, coffee corner, dormitory, operation of Student Council and Student Clubs.

       They attended in Open lesson of Natural siences including Physics, Chemistries and Environment. Also, the basic program lessons including Raw materials and Processing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering were introduced to pupils during the Open Day.

     The university changed its Recruitment procedures this year which is Mongolian General Examination score above 650 or above both in Mathematics and Physics for Bachelor program and 600 for Engineering Preparation Program.