Official visit of the delegation of Mongolian National Defense University

GMIT campus (Nalaikh district), 16.01.2019 The National Defense University administrations visited the German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology and working group included President, PhD, Jargalant.P, Vice President for Research and Public Affairs, Col. PhD, Battsengel.L, Head of Research and Innovation Division, Col. Ph.D. Professor, Ulziikhuyag.B, Head of Academic Affairs, Vice Col. Ph.D. MandakhbayarB, Specialist of Research and Innovation Department, Major Bulgantugs.E.

   They met, shared ideas and made discussion with the Rector of GMIT, Dr. Dorjderem.N, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. Battsengel.B, Vice Rector for Research, Prof. Daniel Karthe, Dean for FMCNS, Prof. Altangerel.L, Electrical Engineering and Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Ariunbolor.P.

   The meeting focused on the improvement of the two universities’ academic activities and curriculums and opportunities to cooperate in research and mutual support.

   At the beginning of the meeting, Rector Dorjderem.N introduced the internal activities, structure and foreign relations of the institute and mentioned GMIT intends to adopt the model of Western classical university standard, academic and research methods. The GMIT expects to earn its international accreditation in April 2019, and plans to expand its campus and supply its own resources. Furthermore, Rector Dorjderem.N emphasizes the importance of co-operating with local educational institutions, mutual support, sharing of equipments and resources, and credit negotiation as well as with foreign universities.

  Prof. Ariunbolor.P said there is an opportunity to make research projects available at the international level by collaborating in the field of mechanical engineering based on the GMIT's technical equipment and the Resource of MNDU. PhD. Jargalan.J expressed his willingness to organize further training on teachers for development of their knowledge and skill capacity. In addition, Prof. Altangerel.L said there is possibility to conduct chemistry and physics laboratory from GMIT.

  GMIT has offered share our professors and teachers’ experience to the National Defense University. The delegations mentioned that MNDU has a large number of defense projects and military training, but still there is a need of improvement the skills and knowledge of the science and technology sectors.

  The MNDU and GMIT agreed on the implementation of research and development projects, writing research articles on science and technology, and cooperating closely with each other and acknowledging that both school teachers have the opportunity to work hand in a hand.