‘Waste management’ team will contribute in activity for recycling wastes

GMIT campus (Nalaikh district), 10.12.2018 As we know our daily needs cause a biggest issue of waste in today’s society. Stamping out the waste without any remaining is not easy and dangerous so that there are two methods to get rid of garbage including recycling and landfilling used in other countries.

     Majority of countries concern the recycling process as a number one issue in their country and produce beneficial products from raw materials of waste to maintain environment clean and safe around the world. Unfortunately, Mongolians do not much pay attention to this problem like other countries.

     Therefore, GMIT's 'Waste Management' team which works as a volunteering group, was created under a purpose that we can sort and recycle our waste and also we must live in healthy and safe place as the others do.

     First of all, we decided to start our operation from improvement of waste management in our university campus. According to that, we have been implementing processes to make students, teachers, and stuff getting used to classify their waste, sort paper and plastic wastes and make contact with recycling companies or places which take sorted waste. Furthermore, our team has a plan to classify other wastes that can be recycled as well as do research in order to introduce a technique to make products using raw materials extracted from them.

Works had been done since our establishment:

  • Selected in Top 10 projects of “My Ulaanbaatar” competition among university students so called "Waste classification and introducing its sustainable usage for environment "
  • Awarded in the 1st place for the competition of "The New Business Idea" organized by Nalaikh district with basic idea of "Recycling the Tetra Pak package and constructing the recycling factory"
  • Made sorting bins for plastic and paper wastes and located them in every floor of the dormitory.

     The Waste Management Team is determined to continue the ongoing operations, while planning to organize activities related to our direction, with local senior, middle, primary schools, and all level of organisations in Nalaikh district.