GMIT team made a presentation to the sectors of science and technology

Ulaanbaatar, 22.11.2018 The Science, Technoloy and Innovation Expo 2018 was organized for slogan “Science is knowledge production” in 21st and 22nd of November, 2018 in Art Gallery.

    It is organized by Mongolian Foundation for Science and Technology for The Scientific Official’s Day on last week of November every year. Over 90 organizations are participating and introducing 1500 results or products of scientific surveys and processing in this exhibition. German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technolgy is also attending and introducing their surveys on public. Also Prof. Altangerel attended and made a presentation of GMIT to the sectors of science and technology.

     The holiday meeting of Scientific Official’s Day and concert will be placed at Corporate and Convention Center at 11 a.m in 23rd of November, 2018.