Donation of wheelchairs for disabled children

Nalaikh, UB, 31.05.2018 All of disabled children in Nalaikh district have received wheelchairs.

GMIT has taken part in disabled children support program, a donation of wheelchairs. They are designed adjustable for child’s size and thus possible to extend or re-adjust as children grow. Sent from kind people in Australia, “The wheelchairs for kids in Mongolia” NGO has delivered them to target groups since last year. This time, supported by GMIT and Governor of Nalaikh District, some of the needy families were searched and selected to encourage children’s comfortable and active participation into daily life. This activity was greatly endorsed by Mr.Amarsaikhan.S, Chairman of City Council and Mr.Radnaabazar.Ch, Governor of Nalaikh District. The presents were given on the eve of “Children’s Day”, during public celebration event. We GMIT family, driven by values and hard work, aspire to give back community we live in by searching for creative ideas and committing ourselves in public activities. And we believe, caring for disabled community among us, must remain as one of our constant concern and focus.