In touch with a Global Player in Mining

GMIT Campus, Nalaikh, 04.05.2018 Oyu Tolgoi, one of the major industry corporations in Mongolia, paid a visit to the German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology (GMIT) last Friday.

General Manager People and Organization, Laura Thomas, and her team mates Narantsogt Chuluun, Manager Training, and Angela Clive, Manager HR Underground met the faculty, the rectorate, and the students. Over the last years, GMIT students got the opportunity to do internships at Oyu Tolgoi. In addition to that, first GMIT students are writing their Bachelor Thesis in close cooperation now. For GMIT's future engineers it was exciting to get in touch with the high-level representatives of this world-leading mining company and to ask questions according the Industrial Research program, training, and further cooperation.

Image: Dr. Frank Wullkopf (GIZ), Prof. Dr. Battsengel Bataar, Angela Clive, Laura Thomas, Narantsogt Chuluun, and GMIT Rector Dr. Dorjderem Nyamjav.