GMIT attends National Workshop on Sustainable Development - Higher Education

GMIT campus, 31.01.2018 National Workshop on Sustainable Development - Higher Education, which aims to solve the facing challenges of law on higher education reform, create graduated system that meets the international standard and based on training-research-production partnerships, improve the quality of study programs and prepare graduates with knowledge and skills that are acceptable to the international labor market by intensifying the development of the lecturers, was held on Jan 26-27th at Ulaanbaatar city.

The workshop featured five sessions including "Higher Education-Governance, Law and Financing", "Higher Education-Study Program Reform", "Higher Education-Teacher Development", "Higher Education-Student Development" and "Higher Education-Research and innovation". Approximately 900 lecturers and researchers attended the workshop and they voted speeches and discussions presented at the workshop using the program. 

Rector N.Dorjderem, Vice rector B.Battsengel, Professor of Mathematics L.Altangerel, Head of Academic and Student Affairs N.Gantulga and students of bachelor program attended the workshop, representing the German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology. 

On Jan 27, Dr. N.Dorjderem, Rector of the GMIT, delivered a speech on "Liberalization of higher education governance". Following L.Altangerel, Professor of Mathematics of the GMIT, gave a speech on "Partnerships between higher education institutions and employers", using the example of the GMIT and emphasizing that partnership is one of the most important basics for preparing skilled professionals. 

Meanwhile, Prof. B.Battsengel, Vice rector of the GMIT moderated the session on Study Program Reform. 

The workshop conclusions and recommendations will be taken into account by the Government of Mongolia and the Ministry of Education. 

Moreover, the participant universities showed their historical development, innovations, experiences of recent research and projects at the exhibition which was took place under the workshop at the new library of the National University of Mongolia.