GMIT signs Agreement of Cooperation with Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University

14.12.2017 During the 4th International Conference on Equal Educational Opportunities by Ubiquitous Learning Technology EEO BULT which was held on December 5 – 8, 2017 at Philippines, German-Mongolian Institute of Resources and Technology and Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University (DMMMSU) established an agreement of cooperation. The agreement was signed by Prof. Gunther C. Stehr, GMIT. 

The purpose of the agreement is to set up a friendly and cooperative relationship on the basis of mutual benefit and development. GMIT promoted encouragement of cooperation in any disciplines along with engagement of research projects.

Under the agreement, the two institutions shall promote:

  • Exchange of information and materials that are of mutual interest
  • Exchange of students/professors/staffs for build a future education environment in the higher education sector.
  • To engage in joint research projects such as Project EEO BULT (Equal educational opportunities by u-learning technology) in the Philippines and in Mongolia.
  • To foster the exchange of academic publications and information.
  • To promote other academic activities.
  • Other forms of cooperation which the two institutions may jointly arrange.

Prof. Gunther C. Stehr, GMIT stated; "During the next semester, it is needed to analyze the academic structure of both universities to find useful intersections in research and education between DMMMSU and GMIT. Two preconditions support a successful cooperation opportunity, (1) In both universities, the language of instruction is English, (2) there is no time shift between the Philippines and Mongolia. This makes a scheduling of online classes or video classes between both universities easier."