GMIT students and lecturer participated in Sustainable Management of Forest Ecosystems

07.09.2019 Students and staff from GMIT participated in a summer university on Sustainable Management of Forest Ecosystems which was organized by a group of Czech forestry experts over a period of 3 weeks (21 August until 5 September 2019).

Based on a long tradition of Czech-Mongolian cooperation in this field, the summer school aimed at training students and academic teachers as future professionals in the field of environmental management.  

Participants of the summer university included junior students and a lecturer from GMIT, and their counterparts from Mongolian University of Life Sciences (MULS) in Ulaanbaatar and Darkhan. The summer school started with three days of lectures and seminars at MULS Ulaanbaatar to provide the participants with theoretical background knowledge.

The truly unique feature of the summer school was its hand-on character, though: field trainings of one week each were conducted at the “Domogt Shariin Gol” forestry field station in Darkhan-Uul province, and subsequently in Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. The practical and yet very much science-oriented activities focused on the characterization of forest and soil resources, using both state of the art equipment and simple field methodologies.  

GMIT gratefully thanks the experts from the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Resources  at Mendel University in the Czech Republic for this unique opportunity. We would also like to acknowledge the role of the Czech Embassy in Ulaanbaatar, most notably First Secretary Mr. Oldřich Zajíček, Deputy Head of Mission, in establishing the contact between GMIT and the forestry experts from Mendel University.

Gladly, after the implementation of the summer school, GMIT's staff and students and the Czech experts agree that the summer school was a full success. And as two of the Czech experts, Dr. Antonín Kusbach and Dr. Jan Šebesta, concluded: GMIT's students were very well prepared for the summer school, both in terms of their background knowledge and their outstanding language skills. Even though the summer school of 2019 is coming to an end, first plans have been discussed to intensify the cooperation between GMIT and the team from Mendel University in the future.