16.01.2019Notice of inviting tender for canteen rental and cleaning service
16.01.2019Official visit of the delegation of Mongolian National Defense University
10.12.2018‘Waste management’ team will contribute in activity for recycling wastes
05.12.2018German-Mongolian University Continues Close Cooperation with TU Freiberg
01.12.2018GMIT students had successfully attended in event for World Day against AIDS
22.11.2018GMIT basketball team will play in Mongolian Student basketball league
22.11.2018GMIT team made a presentation to the sectors of science and technology
21.11.2018The Science, Technoloy and Innovation Expo 2018 opened in Art Gallery
18.11.2018300 students attended in Open Day 2018 of GMIT
04.11.2018Lecturers and students practiced in Northeast Asian Environmental and Agricultural Research Center
01.11.2018GMIT lecturers conducted a training on Environmental Pollution and Control to the citizens of Nalaikh
26.10.2018Alumni of GMIT attended in International Mineral Processing Conference 2018
20.10.2018Fifth GMIT Teachers’ Symposium underlined the topic “Performance-based Teaching and Assessment”
17.09.2018Mongolian universities have signed the agreement of STUDENT MOBILITY initiative
03.09.2018Top-level international scientists attend Environmental Symposium at GMIT
27.08.2018New academic year opening ceremony
24.08.2018Project week
29.06.2018Entrance Examination (26.06.2018) Results
21.06.2018Our 5th Anniversary Ceremony
04.06.2018Admission open for 'GREEN' MBA program