Student symposium

GMIT organizes the “Student Scientific Conference” in order to support students’ development, to give opportunity to share their knowledge and to develop their engineering thinking.

Currently, we have organized three Student Scientific Conference. These are:
2015      “Engineer in the Society”
2016      “Environmental Engineering”
2017      "Mongolia's Sustainable Use of Energy Stabilization" and the subjects and participants are increasingly expanding from year to year.

During the conference, students will be able to seek solutions to problems of Mongolian society, seek ways to solve them, to develop creative thinking, to initiate projects to work as a team, and to make their projects successful and to contribute to the development of their home country.

For more information about the conference, please see here.

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"Renewable and Sustainable Engergy in Mongolia": Review on annual student symposium (06.05.2017)

For the third time GMIT welcomed students of Mongolian universities to the student symposium. The topic of the English-speaking conference was "Renewable and Sustainable Energy in Mongolia".