Teacher Symposium

Bridging between high schools and universities - this is the core idea of GMIT's regulary Teacher Symposium.

We at GMIT consider the high schools as partner for improving together Mongolias education systems. Therefore, we are organizing since 2015  regularly the Teacher Symposium at different places in Mongolia, in order to exchange experiences with high school teachers and to discuss opportunities for future collaborations. Topics ranges from methodological approaches to technical issues.

Past symposiums: 

  Date Topic Location
I 2015.10.31 Байгалийн ухааны багш нарын бага хурал Nalaikh, UB
II 2016.01.21 Байгалийн ухааны хичээлийн заах арга зүй ба үнэлгээ Darkhan
III 2016.10.15 Сургалтын агуулгын шинжилгээ Bulgan
IV 2017.10.21 Сургалтын сүүлийн үеийн чиг хандлага Khuvsgul


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Fifth GMIT Teachers’ Symposium underlined the topic “Performance-based Teaching and Assessment” (20.10.2018)

Fifth German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology Teachers’ Symposium under the topic “Performance-based Teaching and Assessment” took place at the Erdenet Technical Institute-MUST on October 20, 2018.

Second GMIT Teacher Symposium took successfully place in Darkhan (21.01.2016)

GMIT and “Oyunii Ireedui” school in Darkhan jointly invited to the 2nd GMIT Teacher Symposium under the topic “Teaching methods and assessment of Natural Sciences classes” on 21 January 2015.