International Studies

What makes GMIT so special among all other public and private Universities in Mongolia?

Firstly, it’s the employability of our students: GMIT meets the expectations of the domestic and global economy due to first-class German Professors and internationally trained Mongolian Professors and Lecturers. Due to extensive and unique internships, our students create close bonds to the industry during their time at GMIT.

Secondly, it’s the international experience of our students, who have the opportunity to study abroad at our partner universities in Germany, as well as during Summertime in China (Shanghai) or the Philippines. Therefore, the whole study programme is conducted in the English language; German is taught as an elective module, if students want to spend a study abroad semester in Germany.

Thirdly, our Bachelor and Master’s programmes are internationally recognised (ACQUIN) and follow ISO 9001:2015 quality standards. Modern classrooms, computer labs, and a library with state-of-the-art textbooks and the latest international scientific journals as well as four fully equipped laboratories for Environmental, Processing, Physics, and Chemistry research are available. Like at any German University, our Bachelor programmes require 240 credit points which enables you to complete your Master’s study at any University, worldwide. If you decide to continue with your MBA at GMIT, you will acquire additional 120 credit points.


Next Semester (starting on 1. September 2018), GMIT is offering the following study programmes:

-    Bachelor (B.Sc.) in Industrial Engineering 
     (combines technical expertise with business know-how)

-    Bachelor (B.Sc.) in Mechanical Engineering 
     (specialises in design, analysis, manufacture, and maintenance mechanical systems)

-    Bachelor (B.Sc.) in Environmental Engineering
     (focusses on sustainability, waste management, and environmental services)

-    Bachelor (B.Sc.) in Raw Materials and Process Engineering
     (covers geology, mineralogy, and all aspects of professional mining and processing)


Furthermore, GMIT offers a MBA programme in International Management of Resources and Environment - based on a B.Sc. in Engineering.