Companies have benefits when they have students for internship such as solution of shortage of workforce, organizing vacation of workers during summer, saving workforce cost, promotion of own company, getting future employee, finding solution of a problem, and so on. In some cases they get new ideas from students.

Also having good cooperation with university they get some necessary knowledge and communication with foreign and domestic organizations which can help them to improve their activities. In most cases joint projects can be initiated. Every year GMIT jointly organizes workshop on internship with partner companies. During workshop last year internship result is discussed, problems and success are considered, and solutions are determined jointly. This year Engineering Faculty has organized the workshop and more than 30 companies have been participated actively. 

An internship is a good opportunity for students to intensively and individually get to know career fields in various subject areas. GMIT is proud of its relationships with a large number of important partners who enable GMIT to fulfill its mission in the fields of human and institutional development.
Developing country experience problems in competing for market share based primarily on low production costs and standardized production. Our need to secure a healthy environment, to develop sustainable mining and industry and to attain an acceptable position in the market rests on building human capacity. There are many opportunities to engage in innovation and to apply knowledge in new ways and it is here GMIT can play a major role in collaboration with industries, governmental organizations and other universities for the best of our country.
To date, over 40 organizations such as government, academia, NGO’s and/or the private sector have made memorandum of understanding and cooperation agreement with GMIT. GMIT places great value on strengthening global institutional linkages and partnerships. Therefore, we invite organizations and individuals to explore partnership opportunities with GMIT. Following are the current partners of GMIT:

  • Government Agencies
  • Nalaikh district governor
  • Central Geological Laboratory
  • Institute of Physics and technology
  • MNB
  • Institute of Physics and Technology
  • NGO
  • HRD Mining
  • Mongolian Employer’s federation
  • Energy resources
  • Association of Mongolian environmental profession
  • Industry and Private Sector
  • NSD Devil Co.Ltd
  • Erdenes Mongol LLC
  • Oyundari-Ekh LLC
  • Loro Pyana Mongol LLC
  • Khutulcement LLC 
  • Baganuur LLC
  • Darkhan Geomash LLC

Other Organizations & Networks & Alumni

Oyu Tolgoi