Our Partner Network

Since its foundation GMIT is closely cooperating with industry and business enterprises. We always have the mutual benefits in mind.

Our engagement principles

  1. Respect values: The needs of the business needs to be aligned with the mission and strategy of the university.
  2. Value transparent setting: Match time scales and capacities of the university and business needs.
  3. Match capabilities: Align university skill set or the facilities to meet the needs of the business.
  4. Minimise bureaucracy and funding delays: GMIT strives for an efficient project - and work flow to meet the timescale of the business needs.
  5. Minimise financial constraints: GMIT provides the service required for the price the company is willing to pay.
  6. Ensure sustainability: The investment required by the university to provide the service has an acceptable payback period.
  7. Match expectations and objectives: Expectations of outcomes from collaboration are mutually recognised.
  8. Set clear lines: Agree on the future of the intellectual property that may be generated through effective negotiations.
  9. Emphasise constructive collaboration: Avoid conflicting views on the management of indemnities and liabilities between prospective partners.

Partner companies

  • Baganuur JSC
  • Beren Metal LLC
  • Clean Energy Consulting LLC
  • Darkhan Geomash LLC
  • Darkhan Metallurgical Plant JSC
  • Darkhan Nekhii LLC
  • Darkhan Thermal Plant
  • DESY
  • Energy Resource LLC
  • Erdenes Mongol LLC
  • Erdenet Mining Corp
  • Grand Power LLC  
  • Gerege Group LLC
  • Green Trends LLC
  • Khanlab LLC
  • Khutul Cement Plant LLC
  • Loro Piana LLC
  • MAK
  • Mongolian Mining Corporation
  • Mon Laa LLC
  • MCS International LLC
  • Nalaikh Thermal Plant
  • Nailakh TVET
  • NSDevil Co., ltd
  • Oyu Tolgoi LLC
  • Oyundari-Ekh LLC
  • South Gobi Sands LLC
  • Transwest Mongolia LLC
  • Wagner Asia Equipment LLC
  • Wuerth Group

Non-governmental Partner

  • HRD
  • Mongolian Association of Environmental Professionals
  • Mongolian Mineral Processing Association
  • Mongolian Mining Association

 Government agencies

  • Governor's Office of Nalaikh District
  • Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry of Mongolia